Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Ultrasound Day!

I won't call it a "perk", but one of the few positive things about going through IVF is that you get to have ultrasounds once or twice a week for the first 10 or 12 weeks. Today was ultrasound day for me and it was exciting as always. Usually we try to have Briggs hang out with someone during our appointments, but today we brought him so he could get a glimpse at his brother or sister.

Our baby has grown a lot in the past week. I thought I was 9 weeks today, but I am actually 8w6d, so 9 weeks tomorrow! Baby now looks like a peanut with little arm and leg buds, and it was wiggling around during the ultrasound. It's SO neat to see the progress in the first trimester. I consider it a blessing to be able to see these stages of development because most people don't get to experience that. We have quite the collection of ultrasound photos around our house :)

Baby's heart rate was 166 again today. They usually say higher heart rates = GIRL, but Briggs had a really high one too, so we shall seeee.....!! Today they took me off of my Estrogen pills, and hopefully next week I can stop the Estrogen patches and the Progesterone. I will be one VERY happy momma if that happens! Next week's ultrasound is on Wednesday. Can't wait!

Little peanut with arm and leg buds! Looks like a gummy bear

I love this one because you can see the umbilical cord in the middle

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